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kids_class HEART is a Christian Home Educators support group located in the Bolingbrook, Illinois area. It is a member lead and member actuated group intended to provide support  for local homeschool families. The goal of our group is to Encourage, Enhance, and Engage homeschool families. We desire to connect families and build relationships of like-minded people. God made us to be in relationship with Him and with others. To accomplish this all members work together and contribute to provide resources, activities, encouragement, and personal connections. Mutually we enhance and strengthen our ability to educate our children and bring them up in the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a blast getting to know each other and participating in activities together.

We are a group of families who have banded together to support each other in desire to homeschool our children within a Christian context. We believe that the parents bear the full responsibility to school their own children. We are not structured as a Co-op or schooling provider. We are not associated with any church or denomination. We do hold to an uncompromised belief in Jesus Christ as Creator, Lord, Savior, and coming King. We hold to the Bible as the authoritative word of God and follow it's principles and teachings. We do not operate as a school but provide an array of opportunities, connections, and information for homeschooling families.

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kids n moms Because we are group run, the activities the group engages in are a result of the group's interest, participation, and willingness to lead. All members are involved in one of our many committees that make the group function. The leadership of the group consists of the committee chairs and 3 elected positions (Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer).

Communication and information dissemination is accomplished using a BigTent Web Group. We have found this to be the most efficient and flexible means for communicating with the group.

The information contained on these Web pages provides a comprehensive view of our group, our group activities, and structure.

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