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Christian Learning And Social Skills is a once a month gathering of homeschooling families to connect and learn in age appropriate group settings. It provides the opportunity for your children to  develop social skills in a peer group setting with other kids not in their immediate family. Mothers also have an opportunity to interact in the various activities. Ages 4 - 18 can participate in the activities. A nursery is also provided to allow mothers or fathers to participate in leading or assisting in a class.  Themes are used as a basis for the activities of the morning. Typically each student will have the opportunity to engage in a craft, learning session, and gym time. classday_pic
The CLASS Day committee is responsible to do the main planning and teaching but we rely on you to help as needed: teacher aids, nursery workers, gym helpers, and clean up. When you register your family for CLASS Day, you are required to sign up to help in some aspect of that CLASS Day, the job you choose is on a first come – first choice bases. While you participate you will have opportunity to get to know other homeschoolers, learn to work together, and develop new friendships.
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puppet   Occasionally a fee is charged when there is a paid speaker or presenter involved in the theme.

CLASS day typically runs in the morning from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Other HEART members have organized a lunch after each CLASS Day for a very small fee. If families do not want to purchase the lunch we encourage them to bring a lunch and stick around. This provides more opportunity for mothers and children to connect and build relationships. After lunch there is a clean up time.

Past CLASS Day activities/themes in the past have included:
  • Fish dissection
  • A reptile and amphibian show
  • Bee keeping
  • Solar system
  • Native Americans/ Thanksgiving    
  • First Aid
  • England  
  • China - with special speaker
  • Inventors
  • The Days of Creation
  • Careers
  • Africa/Black History Month   
  • Book keeping
  • India    
  • Computer / Web Page generation
  • Australia    
  • Digital Photography / Yearbook
  • The Contenents
  • Heroes of Faith
  • Christian Virtues
CLASS Day provides opportunities in a setting that a single family can not. This is one of our most widely attended functions.  The feedback from the children is very positive.

class1 story time
class2 classday gym

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