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The Following Links will provide general information on various aspects of our Group:
We are open to Christian Homeschooling families in the area who are in agreement with our Statement of Faith. We are a member run group. The expectation is that the all members will be involved in running, organizing, or leading some activity within the group. This is done through a number of committees responsible for the different aspects and activities in our group. Each member is expected to participate in a committee and contribute to the group in some fashion. Each committee has a person appointed as the chair. By having everyone involved we attempt to minimize any burden on any individuals.

As a member you will have access to all HEART activities and support functions. You will be added to our Yahoo Group  which provides a calendar of events, functions, community resources, field trips, and group news.  Most importantly, you will connect and engage with people who are like-minded and have the opportunity to build relationships that are mutually encouraging. The more you are involved the more you will enjoy it, grow, and be encouraged.

Try Us Out: We allow families new to HEART to attend two HEART events/activities to get a flavor for the group. Note that the Co-op may only be audited for this trial due to the nature of the classes and need to start at the beginning of the year for High School level students. After the two events/activities; If the family wishes to continue to attend and participate in HEART events they are required to join HEART.

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Joining HEART: In order to be considered an active member in HEART, one must agree to the following policies, provide the required forms, and sign the Membership Commitment form.
  • HEART Membership Policy
  • Accident Release/Emergency Treatment form
  • Membership Fees (to be paid upon registration)
  • Active participation on a recognized committee or position.
  • Conduct one's self according to biblical morals, biblical principles, Godly attitudes, and take responsibility for actions and behavior of their involved children.
Membership Fee
We attempt to keep the membership fee as low as possible. The fee is used for covering the cost of insurance to allow us to use various facilities as a group. Some of the fees are also used for supplies and resources used in group gatherings or events. In the past few years the fee has been in the $45 - 50 range. The year runs from August to the end of July the following year. The fee is the same no matter when you join in the year and is only applied to the year in which you join. The only exception to this are early registration periods when there is a small discount to encourage people to join so we have a base to start the next year. As a group we are often able to get discounts for field trips. By participating in a few of these field trips you can quickly recoup much of  the membership cost in savings on the field trips. There are some opportunities to engage in fund raising activities to help mitigate some of the cost.

We Respect Different Styles of Education
HEART does not endorse any particular approach to home education.  Although there are a variety of curricula, philosophies and methods of implementation, it is necessary for us to maintain a spirit of unity, encouraging one another in our individual approaches to home education.

We Respect Denominational Distinctions
Apart from the Statement of Faith included on the registration form, HEART does not embrace any particular denominational position.  We ask all members to be sensitive to other members’ convictions on peripheral doctrines in Scripture.  We do require all memebers to read, agree to, and abide by our Statement of Faith. Failure to abide by or adhere to the Statement of Faith could ultimately lead to dismissal from the group.

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